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Dear sirs!

LLC «Inzhconsaltstroy» was established and registered in Moscow in 2004. Construction at the territory of the Russian Federation is the key area of the Company activities. 

LLC «Inzhkonsaltstroy» stepping forward as the third independent party ensures accomplishment and/or supervision of accomplishment of engineering & technical targets specified by the Customer during the construction works progress.

LLC «Inzhkonsaltstroy» basic services are: project management, construction supervision on behalf of the Customer or the General Contractor, supervision (monitoring) of financial or work-related interests of those in the process of new construction, renovation or capital repair of the existing sites or their maintenance.


LLC «Inzhkonsaltstroy» BASIC SERVICES ARE:

1. Project management. 

2. Services of the Technical Representative of the Customer (preparation and procurement of initial permit documentation; approval of design by municipal organizations; procurement of construction permit, procurement of commissioning certificate)

3. Design and construction works, tender's preparation & holding.

4. Support to the design documentation approval at the State and non-State expertise.

5. Preparation of as-built documentation & project commissioning follow-up.

6. Construction supervision (technical supervision) over the construction works performed on site.

7. Design documentation development & General Designer's functions accomplishment. Design documentation peer review.

8. Project financial & technical audit. Project financial & constructional monitoring. Schedule control.

9. Consulting services related to design & construction works.

9. Подготовка исполнительной документации и сопровождение ввода  объекта в эксплуатацию.

10. Project logbook & Project maintenance service guidelines issue.

11. Expertise of the existing buildings & facilities technical state.

LLC «Inzhkonsaltstroy» dispose well-qualified personnel with wide experience of the construction of industrial projects & communal facilities, both in Russia and abroad. Our knowledge, experience & data bases may be of great value for your your company starting since the business plan development stage, along with the initial permit & design documentation preparation and approval stages. 


General director 

Leontiev Dmitry Olegovich