1. Construction management.

•    Design & Construction teams coordination;
•    Contractor’s contractual obligations control;
•    schedule control;
•    budget control;
•    coordination of work with the specialized organizations & municipal services;
•    coordination of work on detailed design & civil works on off-site utilities;
•    assistance in the field supervision management for the entire scope of civil works;
•    coordination of work on the connection of utilities in accordance with the technical specifications issued by the local engineering services;
•    coordination of issues arising in the course of construction with local services.


2. Technical client’s service.

•    initial permits preparation & obtainment follow-up;
•    design & construction tenders preparation & holding;
•    design documentation peer review;
•    developed design documentation State Expertise follow-up;
•    construction overview (technical supervision) over the construction & assembly work process;
•    preparation of as-built documentation & project commissioning follow-up.


3. Initial permits preparation & obtainment follow-up.

At the pre-design stage:
•    site study;
•    consultancies with investors & experts of the municipal services;
•    feasibility study of the basic permits’ obtainment;
•    preparation of the entire documents required for the design initiation & design basics;
•    approval of the initial permits set, incl. all possible cost minimization actions.

At the design development stage:
•    approval of project design sections by local services;
•    approval of the entire documentation set by the local Architect & the State Expertise;
•    obtainment of the Construction Permit;
•    examination & approval procedure management, as appropriate, for the design & estimate documentation, incl. rectification of the latter the State Expertise remarks & findings.


5. Design documentation development & the general designer’s functions accomplishment. Design documentation review.

Design documentation review as related to:

Building solidity:
•    foundations;
•    bearing structures, reacting constant, climatic & operational loads & delivering action upon foundations;
•    basement slabs structures;
•    basic walls, roof & windows;
•    permanent partitions & internal structures;
•    flooring;
•    permanent & dropped ceilings;

Engineering equipment:
•    electric equipment;
•    cold / hot water supply &sewerage facilities;
•    HVAC;

Fire Safety:
•    automated fire fighting network & equipment;
•    issues related to fire-resistance of the building materials & its components, insulation;
•    evacuation ways, access ways, passages & partitions;
•    emergency firefighting equipment;
•    alarm & voice-alarm equipment;
•    natural smoke-exhaust systems.
•    mechanical smoke-exhaust systems.


7. Construction cite supervision (technical supervision) over the construction & assembly work process.

•    control of  construction & assembly work, applied structures, articles, materials & supplied equipment as in compliance with the design concept, building code requirements, standards, engineering specifications & other normative documents;
•    control of  timely actions & clearing of found defects in the design & estimate documentation, prevention of the non-based increase of the estimated construction cost;
•    availability check of documents, certifying quality of structures, articles & materials (technical datasheets, certificates, lab test results, etc.) used in construction;
•    certification & estimation of the accomplished works & structural elements inaccessible in the process of subsequent works, jointly with the construction & assembly companies’ experts; enforcement of any further works cease until the concealed works Acceptance Acts are provided;
•    participation in the mid-term acceptance of the buildings’ ready critical  structures, steel or reinforced concrete bearing structures, etc., jointly with the Contractor’s, specific (assemblage) & designer’s company representatives, etc.;
•    participation in status checks & conformity inspections of the delivered project equipment, assemblage quality inspections, complex testing & acceptance procedures, held by the state supervision & construction oversight institutions;
•    quality control of the accomplished & presented construction & assembly works;
•    primary as-built technical documentation availability control, control of records-keeping correctness (instrumental survey as-built layouts of the assembled structures, buildings’ sections, structures  & engineering utilities, general\specific work registers); applying corrections into the latter, relevant to faults & defects detected in the course of construction & assembly works;
•    Contractor’s performance control of indications & directions issued as a result of field supervision & state constructional supervision inspections, Customer’s constructional overview requirements, as referred to the quality of the construction & assembly works,  applied structures, articles & materials; provision of timely elimination of faults & defects detected while commissioning of different types of works, structural elements of buildings, structures & projects in general;
•    participation in the inspections held by the working committees (commissioning commissions) on random quality control of structures, units, different types of construction & assembly work, equipment & mechanisms, when commissioning of those;
•    participation in the inspections held by the state constructional supervision institutions, financing banks’ departments, other institutional inspections & commissions;
•    notification of the State constructional supervision institutions of the emergency status at any construction project, incl. emergency response scope of work.


8. Preparation of as-built documentation & project commissioning follow-up.

•    forming of file with as-built & other documentation required for the project commissioning into operation;
•    working committees (commissioning teams) management,  committees’ closure of remarks control;
•    commissioning procedure management.


9. Project financial & technological audit. Project financial & constructional monitoring, schedule control.

At the Preliminary Stage:

•    completeness of set analysis & preparation of final report on the initial permits set of documents , incl. the entire required licenses & construction documents;
•    approved design documentation peer review, as in compliance with the State standards & SNiPs in force;
•    as-built documentation availability, preparation & contents check respective to the construction & assembly works been already accomplished (incl. Acceptance Reports on concealed work  & etc.);
•    verification of conformity on the construction & assembly works been already accomplished vs. the approved calendar plan;
•    preparation of final report on the accomplished work current scope & quality on the basis of as-built documentation & visual evaluation;
•    assessment of Project actual expenditures, confirmed by the Customer-submitted documentation;
•    entire actually accomplished work assessment as in percentage of budget costs in the gross & in budget items;
At the Construction & Assembly Work Stage:
•    control & approval of the accomplished work scope;
•    monitoring of current payments  (relative to the construction project implementation) vs. the approved construction & assembly work or equipment procurement estimates, incl. breakdown of work types & confirmation of credit funds proper use;
•    compliance check of the construction & assembly works being accomplished vs. the approved construction schedule;
•    Project budget vs. actual expenditures.


10. Consulting services on project design & construction.

•    delivering of recommendations in the course of construction & assembly works;
•    advising on the design documentation approval & engineering concepts taken by State Supervision Bodies;
•    peer review of the engineering & technical concepts taken within the course of construction;
•    advising on the alternative construction materials & structures possible use.


11. Drafting of project datasheet & property management service organizational guidelines.

Project Datasheet indicatively includes:

•    construction background, for the purpose of each stage description;
•    construction participants’ list, with respect to construction stages (construction, commissioning into operation, operation),
•    incl. each participant data, contact info;
•    operations chronology, incl. construction schedule & key dates;
•    Project presentation, incl. program (plan), entire project data integration & building description;
•    pre-set & regulating requirements, to be followed in the process of project activities & be basics for the service & management;
•    construction register, providing info on materials, suppliers &  ID info;
•    normative or contractual requirements, incl. Owner’s, Manager’s or Tenant’s requirements;
•    inspections list & program, required within the operational period.


12. Engineering expertise of the existing buildings & structures.

•    engineering inspections as per the Customer’s order ;
•  engineering & technical examinations of the existing building bearing structures:
-    building general status review;
-    foundations status review;
-    bearing columns & floor slab status review;
-    roof status review;
-    technical reporting;
•    advising on the bearing structures’ maintenance & forecasting on the building performance durability.