9. Project financial & technological audit. Project financial & constructional monitoring, schedule control.

At the Preliminary Stage:

•    completeness of set analysis & preparation of final report on the initial permits set of documents , incl. the entire required licenses & construction documents;
•    approved design documentation peer review, as in compliance with the State standards & SNiPs in force;
•    as-built documentation availability, preparation & contents check respective to the construction & assembly works been already accomplished (incl. Acceptance Reports on concealed work  & etc.);
•    verification of conformity on the construction & assembly works been already accomplished vs. the approved calendar plan;
•    preparation of final report on the accomplished work current scope & quality on the basis of as-built documentation & visual evaluation;
•    assessment of Project actual expenditures, confirmed by the Customer-submitted documentation;
•    entire actually accomplished work assessment as in percentage of budget costs in the gross & in budget items;
At the Construction & Assembly Work Stage:
•    control & approval of the accomplished work scope;
•    monitoring of current payments  (relative to the construction project implementation) vs. the approved construction & assembly work or equipment procurement estimates, incl. breakdown of work types & confirmation of credit funds proper use;
•    compliance check of the construction & assembly works being accomplished vs. the approved construction schedule;
•    Project budget vs. actual expenditures.